Samba Pedalboards was conceived to provide musicians with the highest quality pedalboards, combining striking design with exclusive, user‑friendly features, UL‑compliant AC power safety and roadworthy construction.

Following two years of evaluation, research and development, these next generation, custom-crafted pedalboards were created with superb quality, beauty and innovation that represent an outstanding value.

The Samba development team focused on designing something special for musicians who want unique pedalboards that are a cut above and can’t be found anywhere else, for use on the stage, in the studio or at home.

A host of exclusive features and innovations take custom-designed pedalboards to the next level. Samba has reimagined the entire premium pedalboard concept, engineering an inspiring new design approach.

Stock of pedalboards
Mark Stein with guitars

Samba is the latest endeavor from Mark Stein, who has extensive experience with a long and award-winning track record in the consumer electronics, music and entertainment industries. He leads the company and the product development team, bringing creativity, passion, business acumen and a love for music to the process.

Previously, Mark has directed groups from Lucasfilm®, THX®, Dolby® and others in bringing to market the first Dolby Digital AC-3 audio interface in a consumer product, the first THX-certified optical disc players and video displays, the first audio/video receivers with integrated video processing, the first consumer audio products to include front panel digital audio connectivity for portable digital devices from the introduction of the original iPod® to today’s smart phones, and many other innovations.

Samba is located in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, where music, natural beauty and technical innovation meet and thrive. These surroundings were an inspiration to the Samba Pedalboard concept.

Samba has a small, dedicated staff of skilled craftspeople all of whom are also guitarists and superb musicians. They take their work seriously and have a personal commitment to Samba products and the music Samba is all about.

Artists equipped with Samba pedalboards include musicians from Santana, The Doobie Brothers, America, Green Day, Tower of Power, Starship and many others.

Samba crew