With Samba Pedalboards It’s All Included!

Unlike others, our only extra-cost options are wood upgrades and additional connection cables. We also offer premium-quality cases and power supplies.

Samba gives you more for your money – much more! We include all the features you’re going to need – AC power connection, input/output connections, Velcro or natural wood tops, even the handles, that often cost extra with others. Add our included items to many ‘cheaper’ pedalboards and suddenly they’re more expensive than a comparable Samba, without the superb quality, strength, style and AC power safety we give you. We also include AC power cords, extenders and adaptors, giving you a pedalboard that’s ready to go virtually anywhere.

AC connector


Safe, Adaptable AC Power

An exclusive, custom-fabricated, one-piece AC power connection that meets UL® safety standards, with both IEC (computer type) and NEMA (USA wall type) connectivity, for use anywhere in the world. Additionally, every Samba is supplied with a 10-foot AC power cord, an IEC to NEMA adaptor plug and a 1-foot IEC extender cable to assure it can reach your power supply.

Cable assemblies


Quality Connectivity

Custom crafted input and output connections constructed with quality Canare® GS-6 guitar cable as well as Switchcraft®  and Neutrik® components.

For applications needing specialized wiring solutions, our custom wiring shop can also accommodate a wide variety of customized wiring and connection requirements.

Expansion slots


Recessed-Panel Mounted In/Outs with Expansion Slots for Versatility

Side recessed-panel mounted input/output connections (one of each included), with four additional expansion slots* to handle even more in/outs, stereo/two amp configurations, send/return effects loops, or whatever your personal needs require.

Dovetail joinery


Beautiful Style, Solid Build, Strong and Handsome Dovetail Joinery

Distinctive design attributes include a forward-sloping front panel with precision-engraved Samba logo, ¾-inch solid wood construction and dovetail joinery for strength and beauty.

SUV vs Samba. Can you do this with your pedalboard?


Direct-to-Floor Construction

When you stomp on the pedalboard’s top, you’re not stressing the frame of the pedalboard. There are no cheap brackets attaching the top to the frame – the top is screwed directly to robust ¾-inch cleats that the pedalboard feet are also mounted onto, so a stomp on the top goes directly to the floor.

Top material options


Slotted Wood Tops: Choose Velcro®-Covered or Upgrade at No Cost to Natural Wood

Top surfaces are covered with a low-profile Velcro material for secure pedal mounting, or upgrade to a Maple-finished natural wood top at no additional cost. Three feet of 1-inch wide Velcro is also supplied to mount your pedals to the top surface. All tops feature carrying handles and an array of slots for easy cable routing and concealment, along with ample underside space for installation of most power supplies. All top woods are ½-inch multi-ply and our natural tops are finished with the same satin clear-coat as the pedalboard frames.

Wood choices


Four Beautiful Wood Choices All With ¾-Inch Solid Woods

Our standard Natural Maple solid wood construction is finished with a durable, catalyzed clear-coat for beauty and protection. Optional* wood choices include clear-coated Cherry, Walnut and African Mahogany. All wood finishes are low-sheen satin, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. We apply the finish to the inside of the frame, too – the kind of added touch that sets us apart. Pedalboard frames are constructed with ¾-inch solid woods for added strength and durability, not the usual ½-inch woods used by many others.


Premium MONO® Cases*

For secure protection and easy mobility, Samba pedalboards are also available* with matching-sized MONO carrying cases, the most desirable premium cases in the music industry.



Industry Standard Voodoo Lab® Isolated Power Supplies*

Samba pedalboards are designed for easy installation of Voodoo Lab and most other power supplies. Top-rated Voodoo Lab power supplies* can be purchased as a pre-installed option with no additional charge for installation. Required mounting bracket kits are $10.

Voodoo power supply


Uniform Design, Multiple Sizes

The Samba Pedalboard lineup includes three models, all with identical styling and included features: the 13” x 17” Model SP-131, 13” x 24” Model SP-132 and 18” x 24” Model SP-182. All models are 3½ inches high at the tall end and 1½ inches high at the short end. The feet add an additional 3/8 inch to the height, providing enough room to run additional cables or power cords underneath should the need arise.

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